Friday, November 14, 2008

Reverting back to Pointing and Shooting

Three years ago I traded in my cheap point and shoot camera for a Canon DSLR. What ensued was a time of utter obsession and co-dependence. We became inseparable. God forbid I should ever see something Beautiful and have no record of it. That poor expensive machine has been dropped, scratched up, drowned in spilt milk and run through several intense sensor cleanings, everything that accompanies the dangers of riding shotgun with me everywhere I go, in every shoulder bag I carry, next to my lunch, and my lipgloss. 

That was until two months ago. Two months ago I found myself teetering on the edge of a tippy canoe with the Machine just a centimeter off the splashing salt water, all in the name of simply "documenting a weekend away". So I finally gained some Sense and, with a wistful sideways glance at a uber-costly German-engineered Leica, ran to pick up a "little" Powershot G9 that I affectionately call Tank. He shoots 12.1 MP. In RAW. And can mount my 580EXII flash. Gosh, yesterday I actually attached the little guy to a set of Pocket Wizards and shot using a full studio light set up. Tank is so sturdy I bet you I could kick him across the room and he would still keep ticking. Not that I intend to prove that mind you. (Just FYI, the next-round G10 was introduced last month, if you're finding yourself intrigued.)

Of course, this G9 will never replace my SLR for pro-level shooting, but for play? Well, Tank and I have spent the last few months kayaking, concerting, late-night partying, highway driving, office shenanigan-ing, airplane flying and happily dancing down Vancouver's back alleys to the tunes of George Michael's Freedom. And wonders, after all that there is nary a scratch to be seen on his impenetrable metal casing.

Below are a few random things that caught our eye(s).

- Tracey

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Kristin said...

Gorgeous! Woe is me, I think the camera that your shooting with has little to do with the beauty captured in the photos. I could have all the aspirations and the same equipment and not get the same feeling. So talented T!