Monday, November 17, 2008

Koons at Versailles

I recently returned from a much anticipated trip to Europe and Morocco. I had, of course, expected to see some fabulous art and design while there, however, some of my favorite moments came when I least expected it. Jeff Koons' exhibit at Chateau de Versailles, France, was one of those unexpected pleasures.

Versailles is something I remembered studying in my first few years of Art school so I thought it would be interesting to actually see the massive palace while in France, as an added bonus, Jeff Koons was also holding an exhibition of his work there. Within minutes of arriving to the Chateau I was drawn to the massive Balloon Flower in front of the palace, Versailles quickly became merely a backdrop for which this giant metallic balloon sculpture existed. I couldn't help feeling totally hypnotised by it's smooth metallic surfaces which reflected on them all the
decadence that is Versailles.

I found myself moving quickly through the palace's countless rooms, glancing over stunning ceiling murals, various masterpieces, and elaborate finishings until I found the next shiny oversized balloon puppet to mesmerize my senses. Balloon sculptures weren't the only thing to be seen among the many rooms and corridors, there were also many large blow up pieces, including a lobster hanging from the ceiling (one of my favorites), vacuum cleaners, bunnies, and even a sculpture of Micheal Jackson – something for everyone. However, to be fair, not everyone was as taken with Koons' work as I, I overheard the women next to me telling her husband he was wasting their film by taking a picture of the giant hanging lobster, where I, only a few steps away, was fascinated with it and it's juxtaposition to the chandelier hanging beside it – to each their own I guess.

I have posted a few of my favorite pieces below, but click here to see more of Koons at Versailles. The Exhibit is running until January if you happen to find yourself in the area.


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