Saturday, November 15, 2008

Julien Vallée

I like looking at what other young whippersnappers like myself are doing with design these days, that wonderful time in our lives where we teeter from student to professional. It is a time where we are still floundering in the remnants of risk and bright-eyed from our humanist educators and philosophies, yet to be tarnished by life! Fortunately, there is much to look at, and it's always fun to catch it before it becomes trendy and overused.

Here is a young garçon from Montreal named Julien Vallée, doing some amazing things with analog means, specifically paper. Catch him!

Not to get into the whole "the medium is dying!" debate, for I think that is quite painful—just as painful as the art vs. design debate, but I think it's an adorable approach, very heartwarming aesthetic that certainly is catching attentions everywhere. Even Stefan Sagmeister is jumping into the bandwagon:

And you know if Sagmeister is into it, everyone will be into it sooner or later: Three-D Graphic Spaces. Best of luck, Vallée!

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