Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A REBRAND: Ocean Sales Inc.

Ever heard of the Bamix Mixer or the V-Slicer? Sure you have. The Bamix is enthusiastically endorsed by the famous Gordon Ramsay. Ocean Sales Inc. has been responsible for bringing recognizable household products like these to North America for over 25 years.

Our goal at FAC was to help Ocean Sales focus their messaging, leverage their strengths and modernize their aesthetic with a fresh face.

Through a family of quality products, Ocean Sales is committed to showing you how to live better - at home, in your health or at play.

Once key messaging was established, development began with the creation of a new symbol and wordmark. We wanted the elements to be brighter and more vibrant through open white space and strong colour.

The symbol (old to new): Unity, Holistic, Vibrancy, Organic

The wordmark: Human, Soft, Contemporary, Open

We are now in the process of creating essential touch points such as the standard stationery package plus a few other elements that would create greater awareness among their respective target markets.

Free Agency Creative is also excited to be teaming up with Domain 7 to design and build the new Ocean Sales website and store functionality. Not only will the site further enforce the key brand messaging, the site will continually deliver new ways to improve your life - through tips, articles and video. Stay tuned for the launch this summer.


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