Monday, April 27, 2009

Justified West - April 25, 2009

Kristin Liu and Tak Yukawa took some time (well the whole day) to attend Justified West at the Plaza 500 Hotel in Vancouver. The day-long event was hosted by the Langara College Advanced Typography program followed by a Typophile Film Fest co-sponsored by the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada.

Our hats go off to the coordinator of this successful event, Dr. Shelley Gruendler, who is also head of the Communication and Ideation program as well. We hope that the local design community in Vancouver continues to support such events and follow in the footsteps of Vancouver mayor, Gregor Robertson who proclaimed April 25th, 2009 as "Typography Day"!!! Read article to believe it.

Notables moments/presenters included:
MARIAN BANTJES: The day was impressively kicked off by the much celebrated Marian Bantjes who passionately spoke about her typographic illustrative work. Her snowflake designs for Saks Fifth Avenue were simply stunning.

TOM PHINNEY: We enjoyed Tom's enthusiasm for Forensic Typography (yes, it truly exists) in which he thoroughly described how he exposed the criminal abuse of such typefaces as Times New Roman. Who would do such a thing...

RICHARD KEGLER: One couldn't help but support the pursuits of filmaker Richard Kegler (p22 type foundry) as he spoke about the legendary Jim Rimmer and his passion for the traditional craft of type. Stay tuned for the release of "Making Faces" - a film about Jim.

Note: This blog post was made possible by the venerable Ross Mills (sorry, you sort of had to be there).

~tyukawa and kl

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