Sunday, January 17, 2010

Emily Carr University - 4th Year Projects

Once again, we had the pleasure of teaching a wonderful group of 4th year students in a class called Senior Core Studio at the Emily Carr University. The students had 12 weeks to take a topic of their choice from concept to completed deliverable. Here's just a few of the wonderful projects done last Fall.

Title: Gambol - A clothing brand
4th Year Students: Pheobe Chan and Hurley Wu

Over the term, Gambol evolved from a set of cool t-shirts into a conceptual brand that represents the mentality of young, determined individuals. The mission of the brand was to reveal not only the glamourous front of success, but also the beginning roots of how young minds get to where they are. Gambol's products are designed based on the stories of these young, successful people. The focus during the term was to create an inspirational website that showcased not only their shirt designs but told the stories of how they were conceived and who inspired them.

Title: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
4th Year Student: Kat Yanova

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice is a cookbook of practical and metaphorical recipes involving sugar and sugarcoating methods. The premise of the project is to explore effects of sugar on human health as well as to view a larger scale how sugar sets a bad precedent in society. All illustration, layout, typesetting done by Kat (impressive!).

Title: Samuel Johnson's - A Dictionary of the English Language
4th Year Student: Jen Griffiths

Jennifer decided to redesign Samuel Johnson's legendary work: A Dictionary of the English Language (1755). Johnson's is a dictionary with great personality. It is a book both biased and imperfect but also beautifully written, that contains some great words and was a great landmark in the history of the English language. Her goal was challenge the presentation of Dr J’s Dictionary in such a way that encourages exploration and discovery as opposed to research, in order to for it to reach the contemporary reader. All illustration, layout, typesetting done by Jen (two thumbs up!).