Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We were recently approached by Parklane Homes to create an ad for the back of the 2009-2010 Yearbook for the Vancouver Canucks. We had a lot of fun collaborating with Marketing Manager, Yosh Kasahara and the rest of the team at Parklane on the conceptual approach for the ad.
We needed to create a piece that celebrated their solid 30 year anniversary and articulated their belief in dedication, passion and innovation.
Creatively, our goal was to focus on the fact that the ad would be appearing on the back of the Canucks Yearbook. How could we create a connection between the dedication of Parklane Homes and the dedication of the passionate Canuck fan?

In the end, we chose to create this connection through the belief that "greatness" begins at "Humble Beginnings". Qualities such as dedication, passion and innovation are essential whether your stopping a tennis ball in front of your house or building a Master Plan Community.

Once we nailed our concept, the key image became the shot of a young kid staring down the camera dressed in the standard uniform of the "backyard goalie". Finding the props and outfitting our model became a very personal trip back in time with both client and designer adding their own personal touches to the outfit. To get the shots, we worked with Colin Goldie who sourced the location and all the necessary. Highlights included over-sided baseball glove, rusted hand-me-down hockey net and foam pads stolen from a mattress. I believe that more foam was found in the actual back alley where we shot the scene.


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